Hello. I'm Pete Friedhoff. This site is a small side project I've started using a Rust SSG framework to post my ramblings on propulsion, smallsats, and whatever else seems interesting.


Over the course of my 14 year space industry career I've leaned pretty heavily towards propulsion systems, but my interests are a hybrid of propulsion systems, technical program management, and light software/scripting.

I particularly enjoy flying new technology in space, and have been able to do so with ECAPS' ADN-based LMP-103S monopropellant and Enpulsion's indium FEEP propulsion system technology demonstration.

Work Stuff I'm Good At

A non-exhaustive list of work related skills I'm good at and enjoy doing:

  • Scientific computing and data processing with the Python programming language (numpy, pandas, matplotlib, jupyter, etc)
  • Automated reporting with LaTex & templating engines

Work Stuff I'm Learning

Short list of topics I find interesting and am learning more in my free time:

  • Web development with Django and PostgreSQL
  • Low-level systems programming with the Rust programming language


Professional publications I've led or contributed to (titles are links using the excellent Sci-Hub):

My Google Scholar profile is here


I'm currently consulting in the space propulsion systems & program management fields through my company OP Space